Confidence Is on the Rise for Buyers in Las Cruces

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There’s no denying that 2021 has been a challenging year for homebuyers. Between low inventory, bidding wars, and rising prices, many buyers have found it difficult—or impossible—to find the right home at the right price.

But it looks like things are starting to look up—and, as they do, consumers are slowly (but surely!) becoming more confident in their ability to successfully find and purchase a home.

We just listed this beautiful 5 bedroom 3 bath home in Sonoma Ranch, Las Cruces.  Our recommendation for buyers entering in the market is to make sure that you have contacted a lender and get pre-approved for a mortgage prior to searching for a home.

Many buyers feel like agents are being pushy when they suggest getting pre-approved. They take offense. They resist. They make excuses. They look at it as the agent being nosy, looking to see how much the buyer can afford, or looking to make sure the buyer can afford a home.

Well, it’s exactly that! And there’s nothing wrong about an agent asking them to do it either. 

Unfortunately, agents who are not entirely confident (or perhaps just desperate for business) let it slide. There is nothing more discouraging to buyers than finding the perfect home and missing out because they don't have the footwork already completed. 

Beyond just knowing that you can get a mortgage, and for how much, getting pre-approved will do a couple of other things for you: You’ll need it when you want to submit an offer on a home. And in this market, time is of the essence. If you need to rush to get pre-approved, you will most likely lose the offer on the home.

Starting to talk with lenders now will give you time to choose which lender you want to work with, shop rates and products, and get the best overall loan for your situation.

You can certainly ask any lender you already have a relationship with, but if you want any recommendations, the following is one we trust and recommend: 

Citizens Bank / Latson Munn / 575-646-4122 /

If you are ready to start your home search or want more information on First Time Home Buying, give us a call!

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